Dear ISCCJ friends,

In December 2019, a new board of the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ISCCJ) was elected. The new board will continue to actively support Japanese and Icelandic companies in establishing new businesses and strengthening existing business relations between the countries.

The ISCCJ takes great pride in having had since its foundation in 2003 among its members leading Japanese and Icelandic companies, that cover a wide variety of industries, such as seafood, energy and sustainability, pharmaceuticals, life science and cosmetics, tourism, software, finance and retail.

The ISCCJ is proud to have in recent years assisted Japanese and Icelandic companies in their market entry efforts and expansions in the respective countries.

The new board will also continue to focus on enhancing commercial ties between Japan and Iceland, facilitating discussions between Japanese and Icelandic stakeholders, including Ministers, parliamentarians and governmental officials; for example, on a possible free trade agreement between the two countries. The ISCCJ looks forward to its continued engagement towards finalizing a comprehensive Economic Partnership between Iceland and Japan.

The ISCCJ is active in gathering economic information on Iceland for Japanese financial institutions and investors that are exploring opportunities in Iceland. Furthermore, the ISCCJ also seeks to increase cooperation between the ISCCJ and other Chambers of Commerce in Japan; through activities with the other Nordic Chambers, active dialogue with the European Business Council and increased communication with the Japanese business community.

The ISCCJ is fortunate to have always had the support of the Embassy of Iceland in Japan, where the ISCCJ office is located. The Honorary Chairman of the ISCCJ is presently Mrs. Elin Flygering, Ambassador of Iceland to Japan.

The 2020 Olympic Year will bring plenty of opportunities to strengthen business relations between the two countries, and if your company is not already a member of the ISCCJ we encourage you to join. The ISCCJ is open to assist any company or individuals interested in trade and investment between Iceland and Japan.

As the new chairman of the ISCCJ, I look forward to work with current partners, as well as welcoming new individuals and companies, thereby strengthening the ties between Japan and Iceland.

Sincerely yours,


Loftur Thorarinsson

Chairman of the ISCCJ